Hi! I’m Zoe. A 25 year old half Thai, half Australian girl currently living in Melbourne, Australia.
I love my food, sleep, internet, Youtube and social media, hence why I started up this bloggy thingy to share and store all my stories and latest adventures! I am introverted yet crazy!
Haha, I am a university graduate (majored in Film,TV & Screen and International Business) still not knowing what I wanted to do yet, I enrolled in a Grad Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers on other Languages (TESOL). I am currently doing my Masters in Communication majoring in PR, still not knowing what I want to do. But hey! Did you know what you wanted to do for a life long career at the age of 17? 8 years on and I still don’t know. But it has to be something creative and something I adore.
I am a creative at heart with a love for art, film, TV, dance , languages and world culture and hope I can travel the world one day with a camera in one hand and my laptop in the other capturing and sharing to the world whatever the world gives me!
Follow me on my crazy adventures, thoughts and mind and follow me down the rabbit hole…….

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