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5 reasons why bubble tea is the best

Bubble tea, Boba, Pearl milk tea; no matter what it is called, I always jump at the chance about talking about bubble tea, drinking bubble tea and getting people on the bubble tea express train with a one-way ticket to flavour town. 

 My love with bubble tea began in 2006. I was a teenager living in Cairns at the time and one our weekly trip venturing into the city, my father introduced me to the most delicious thing to have touched my lips since Thai milk Tea (that’s a whole other story for later). 

So how my father came about bubble tea was his teaching stint in Taiwan, which we all know is the birthplace of the world-renowned bubble tea and one day we traversed into a place called ‘Orchid Plaza’ which is a throughway shopping plaza with a variety of Asian restaurants littered along the top floor.

He asked me if I wanted to try some tea that he had whilst over there, and of course, knowing the love had for Thai milk tea, I jumped at the chance of tasting milk tea, albeit, the Taiwanese variety, and wow! Those squishy black things. DELICIOSO. As soon as you suck the straw the bubbles shoot up and meet your tongue, a meal and drink all in one. Ever since that day, my fandom for the Boba had begun and 14 years on, it hasn’t faded whatsoever.

Here are the 5 reasons why I love bubble tea.


  • It is a dessert and beverage all in one.


I mean what a deal! Drink and snack all in one? Double deal if you ask me. Not quite hungry but could go for a light snack? Bubble tea to the rescue.


  • There are so many variations on bubble tea.


There are so many varieties of bubble tea you can get. Milk base, green tea base, black tea base, fruity, hot, cold, jelly, tapioca pearls, popping bubbles, cheese, aloe Vera, slushy, mousse, I mean I could go on forever because this list truly does go on and on and on and on. 


  • You can find it anywhere


I live in Melbourne now so since arriving to the big city, wherever you look and wherever you go, you are probably in very close proximity to the multitudes of bubble tea franchises across the city. We have Gong Cha, Chatime, Bubble cup, Happy Lemon, CoCo Fresh, Town Tea, One Zo, Fruity Cup, Black Ball, The Alley LuJioaXiang, Oritea. I mean, in the words of Ariana, I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. 


  • You can customise it to your liking.


Not only you can add all your toppings and choose your base, you can also customise it in other ways. You can choose you ice levels and sugar levels. I always get it with half sugar and half ice. Half sugar because I find that full sugar is a little bit too sweet and I do have those sweet, sweet cushions and handles. I get mine with half ice so there is more room for tea! And I usually finish it all before all the ice is gone anyway, I devour it within 10 mins no issues at all, RIP stomach). The great thing is that you can make it as healthy or as decadent as you wish.


  • It brings back childhood memories


Drinking tea always has a special place in my heart. I have been drinking Thai milk tea since I was a child and finding this in Cairns was brilliant for me because at the time, I couldn’t find any Thai milk tea anywhere Cairns unless I had it imported from elsewhere. It was something I looked forward to going into the city for and a memory of me and my father that I will hold in my heart forever.


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