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Social Media & Journalism

How is the increasing use of social media as a news sourceย affecting journalism?

Good Question. Social Media has become a massively useful tool for journalists. Take a look at Twitter for example. As I scroll through Twitter profiles, I think every single Australian Journo at least and every single news outlet has an active Twitter account. ABC news alone has over 1 million followers. This goes to show you that social media can be an effective tool on on social media if used in the right way.

People are always on their phone nowadays so social media is a good way to reach your audience whatever content you want to post. For journalists, if you want to get read, you post on social media in 140 characters or less (for Twitter). Social media is everything. Newspapers are getting read less and less, the 6pm news is becoming less watched by younger people, websites are even less frequented too. Everyone has at least one social media account. And social media may be less formal but it is an effective way to get the message across swiftly, instantly and more concisely (140 characters for Twitter, don’t forget ๐Ÿ˜‰


Journalism on Social Media is a good way to getting your news story out there in an instant (Picture Source: The Wellesley News)




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