Ethics & Multimedia Journalists

Journalists of all types, it doesn’t matter if you are a MOJO or a radio broadcaster or a TV presenter, you need to be careful with what you share with your audience. Not only for their sake, but to save your skin also. If you are not careful and cautious before sharing, you may be susceptible to various charges that could be serious! :O

Copyright Laws, Defamation, Contempt of Court are just some of the things to be aware of when you are sharing. I know alot about media law already as I am actually doing a Media Law as an elective for my last semester of uni so I must share my newly sourced knowledge with you so you too can save yourself a world of regret in the future!

Apart from the actual law that you need to abide by, journalists also have a code of ethics to abide by to show good will that you are a good ethics abiding citizen. Ethics are a set of moral guidelines that is usually self regulated such as: don’t plagiarise, be honest, don’t be deceitful etc. pretty common sense if you ask me!

Here is a really awesome webpost for Journalists staying safe in the world of online social media.



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