Smartphone Journalism (MOJO)

In my opinion, MOJO plays an integral role in modern day journalism. To me, MOJO through means such as live streaming to get a scoop on an issue or event as it happens is a good way of sharing initial news with the world as it happens. In contrast to what they are saying in the ITV news video (that citizen journalism is from an non credible source and just is ‘witnessing video’), I think that it is much more than that and even if it not from a credible source, it helps begin and grow a story that credible journalists can use using their footage. Take the 9/11 attacks. These first attacks were filmed by citizen journalists on their phones or ametuer film cameras. Also, the rise in the success of user generated content sites such as Youtube, people are looking to other ways to consume content rather than switching on TV for the 6pm news headlines.

MOJO can be a very useful and ‘up to date’ tool for the creation of new information and footage that can fit right in your pocket and in the palm of your hand! (Picture Source:

Having said this, professional journalists can use MOJO as a good mobile tool to use in the field. For example, if a foreign correspondent journalist enters a war zone where they can’t necessarily bring a crew in or heavy equipment due to logistics reasons or safety reasons, they can record on a phone easily. Phone footage can be edited in apps and also can be sent to anywhere in the world from a phone also.


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