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Annihilation of Analogue?

sad times for paper boys

Everyone is moving online. You can access news at the touch of a button even while you are still in bed with websites and even apps such as Twitter. It is indeed possible that the demise of print media is coming, especially with the growth and dependence of technology. There are however still people that consume print media but this is indeed a dying art form and is usually reserved now for the older generations.

As advertising money is being pulled out of print media, print media companies need to find new ways to engage audiences and keep revenue coming in. This is done not only with online advertising space, but also by going online and providing a ‘premium service’ subscriptions. This is to entice people to pay for a better news service that differs from other free sources of online news. I personally have been subscribed to The Australian and the Australian Financial Review premium user service for a few months. With this, I get emailed to me an early sneak peek of the next day’s front page of the paper and emails of news stories when they are breaking. I also get access to the entire catalogue of news stories that cannot be accessed without a subscription.

So I think it is safe to say that print media have been adapting well and have been making their way online to keep relevant but however, I believe that print media will slowly die off as technology and how we consume news becomes more advanced and accessible.


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