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Multimedia and Me

What a time to be alive!

I am a part of Generation Y, or as some people like to call us ‘Millennials’ or even perhaps ‘young whippersnappers’! We are the generation that grew up with technology and almost always has a phone in front of our FACE when every we are on the move!

(Video by Shazwani Abdul Qawiy, Youtube 2015).

I am no exception and I can safely tell you that the stories that I read, the use of multimedia is extensive as I consume my stories mostly online that are catered to tech savvy content users. The news stories that I like to read are from international news sites such as Coconuts. I also tend to consume more news and read more articles online rather than traditional mediums as its free and fast –  a breaking story will be published much faster online as opposed to print, which keeps online content relevant and updated – you can even broadcast a live stream on your smartphone at the click of a button! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

Having said this, online content has changed and keeps changing as we become more tech savvy. Linear articles doused in heavy text don’t always keep the attention of the reader and as we consume more media across multiple platforms, in order to keep up with these trends as journalists or bloggers we must find ways to keep our audiences engaged through the use of multimedia………………………but first let me take a selfie:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 8.25.01 pm


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