I’m Travelling to Thailand!

In about 3 days time I will be sitting on a plane heading to Thailand! The Motherland 😀

Needless to say I am over the moon to be going. I will be travelling all over the country visiting relatives up in the Northern Chiang Rai province and will be eating everything in sight! You know what I am talking about….street food! Delicious delights that tingle my tastebuds. Here are just some of the things I am longing to try again:

1. Moo Ping – Grilled Pork on a stick

2. Khao Nieow – Sticky Rice

3.Som Tum Lao – Papaya Salad, Lao Style (the one with stinky fermented fish in it 😛 (which is ‘Pla Ra’ in Thai).

4. Sai Ua and Sai Grok – Thai sausages

5. Roti – sweet pancake which can be filled with all sorts of delicious treats – my favourite is with bananas and sweetened condensed milk drizzled all over the top 🙂

6. Ai Dteem Kanom Pung – Ice cream in a bread bun mmmm….

There are so many more I could rattle off, but I’ll save that for later otherwise I will get too hungry 😛

Any who, I am so grateful that I could find time off to travel. There are some personal issues I have been dealt with so I would really love to use this opportunity to wind down and really think about my life at this moment and do what is best for me.

Love yourself and then the rest will follow. Stay true to yourself my fellow Wanderlusters

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