Musical Bloggy Memories

This is a blog entry that I wrote while I was in my last year of university back in 2011. My fellow uni friends and I started a blog as credit towards one of our subjects and we decided to make a blog website called “Brisbane Riot“. It was a blog where we could talk about the music scene around Brisbane. It was great and it taught me how to write online articles and work well in a team. It was great! So please read on and discover my musical memories 🙂

I know your probably expecting some sort of ‘in-depth’ ‘look at me and how well I write and source things’ kind of a story/report/review/interview. If so, well sorry, you can click off this page right now. This particular blog is a personal one and we all know that you all are nosy little weasels love to be all up in someone’s grill and/or cool-aid.

Still reading? Well done. Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco! Anyway, with all ranting aside I’d like to take the time out and discuss with you about the good times, the bad times and the times I would rather forget.

We all have those moments when we play a song and it evokes some sort of memory of the past or a time that something happened or a time that ‘never happened’. I actually have many and some, if not most of them include some sort of Australian band, seeing as this is an Australian/Brisbane music blog, but I’m sure you won’t hate me if I put a few international ones in would you? I mean they all toured here at one stage or another right? Anyway, almost all of my memories include some sort of song or band. Yep. Brace yourself for a 2000s flashback.

2005. Grade 9 was the first time that I had ever heard of Parkway Drive, I Killed the Prom Queen, Carpathian etc. One of my friends one day came to school with a sampler CD she had permanently borrowed out of a Rolling Stone magazine and had a compilation of  what you would call, well, ‘hardcore’ songs. We listened to it and the first ever Australian hardcore song that I listened to was ‘It’s hard to speak without a tongue‘ by Parkway Drive.

Grade 12, 2008. Do you guys remember The Getaway Plan and their only claim to fame being ‘Where the City meets the Sea?’ I sat in a quite large group at school comprising of about 20 and everyday at lunchtime I would hear the boys belt this tune with all their heart until the teachers came out of their office and tell them to ‘shoosh’. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of the boys and their high school anthem.

Probably the most recent Australian musical memory of mine would have to be when I went to Future Music Festival here in Brisbane in March 2011 where a few Australian bands played including electronic duo, The Presets and of course, my most memorable Future Music experience, Pendulum. When I listen to them, particularly ‘The Island’ it takes me back to that night with all my friends.

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